There’s no screen to display your burned calories, no flashing LEDs to keep you motivated, and no way to strap it to your wrist. But Misfit’s new Flash Link fitness tracker has a killer feature that others to date do not: a cheap $20 price tag.

Available now on Misfit’s online store, the Flash Link is bare bones when it comes to features. It uses a built-in sensor to keep track of how long, and how vigorously, you’re moving about while the device is pocketed or worn with an included clip. And because there’s no display, it uploads that data to a free smartphone app over Bluetooth so you can keep tabs on how active or lazy you’re being.


Alongside the Flash Link, Misfit also announced a new app today called Misfit Link that allows the new fitness tracker, as well as Misfit’s previous offerings, to be used as a wireless remote control for a connected smartphone. Users can control their music, snap a selfie, run a slide show, or do almost anything with the app’s upcoming IFTTT integration.

If the $20 Flash Link is just a little too basic for you, Misfit has also dropped the prices on its Flash and Shine fitness trackers as well, making them now available for $30 and $70, respectively. So much for your “I’m too cheap to get in shape” excuse.