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The Concert of the Future, Today

Illustration for article titled The Concert of the Future, Today

For decades, Amon Tobin has constantly pioneered new sounds in the world of electronic music. So it makes sense that he'd want a visual stage show as advanced and experimental as his sounds. I think he nailed it this time.


The result? An geometric and downright beautiful video wall projecting visuals that float, spasm, surge and glitch all over the place. At times, the effect is immersive, feeling like the effects are projecting into space. And like Dvice writer (and Giz alum) Adam Frucci says, you should probably consider getting a ticket for this now. [Spinner UK via Wired UK via Dvice]

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sammy baby

Very, very cool.

Although I have to say - I've been listening to Tobin since Supermodified came out. It seems like he started off with a very jazz-oriented approach, both in his choice of sample material and musicality. So I loved Bricolage, and Supermodified was good, and Out from Out Where was okay but hard to relate to... and ever since then I've just been sorta meh.

This isn't "wanh wanh, I liked him before he sold out," it's just that I don't wanna follow where he's gone. Most of the time.