The Creators of That Drake Coloring Book Now Have a Kim Kardashian Connect-the-Dots

If coloring books were somehow able to make a miraculous comeback in a time when even watches are an entertaining distraction, there’s no reason that connect-the-dots puzzles can’t be popular again too. And there’s no better person than the most-famous Kardashian to help bring connect-the-dots back into the spotlight.


The same folks behind that Drake coloring book from a few months ago, Sugoi Books, are back with a new title called Doin’ It With Class - The Kim Kardashian Dot to Dot featuring 28 pages of connect-the-dot puzzles.

Like with Under Star Projectors, the Drake book, instead of just converting random photos of Kim Kardashian into connect-the-dots puzzles, Sugoi Books hired 15 talented artists to create each illustration, including Marina Esmeraldo, Hugo Mathias, Michelle Macias, Dilraj Mann, Elena Boils, Andrea Manzati, Alex DeSpain, Jack Bailey, Kelsey Wroten, Boo Boo Danger, Brigid Deacon, Emily Gilbert, Tatiana Boyko, Thomas Hedger, and Madelen Floss.


Doin’ It With Class is available now on the Sugoi Books website for about $10, pen not included. And the ability to count is required if you want to properly reveal what these artists have created.

[Sugoi Books]

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