The CW Explains Why It Turned Down the Live-Action Powerpuff Girls... for Now

Don’t count the Powerpuffs down just yet.
Don’t count the Powerpuffs down just yet.
Image: The CW

Blumhouse has begun production on its Firestarter remake. Get a look at the stars of The Tomorrow War. The CW is still considering a 100 prequel. Plus, get ready to say goodbye to Cisco on The Flash, and what’s coming on The Handmaid’s Tale and Superman & Lois. Spoilers, away!

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Bloody-Disgusting reports Ronny Chieng has joined the cast of M3GAN, a “tech horror thriller” from Universal, Blumhouse and Atomic Monster. Based on a script by Akela Cooper (from a story by James Wan and Gerard Johnstone), the film stars Allison Williams as Gemma, “a brilliant roboticist at a toy company” who “uses artificial intelligence to develop M3GAN, a life-like doll programmed to be a kid’s greatest companion and a parent’s greatest ally. After unexpectedly gaining custody of her orphaned niece, Gemma enlists the help of the M3GAN prototype – a decision that has unimaginable consequences.” Details on Chieng’s character are not available at this time.


Production has officially begun on Blumhouse’s Firestarter remake starring Zac Efron and Michael Greyeyes.

The Tomorrow War

Amazon has released character posters from Chris McKay’s The Tomorrow War.


The Evil Next Door

A boy befriends a neighboring ghost in the trailer for The Evil Next Door, a Swedish horror movie coming to VOD June 25.

The Flash

During a recent interview with TV Line, Tom Cavanaugh stated he’s down to return in the future as the Reverse-Flash following his exit as a series regular.

I play basically the Joker to the Batman, and the Batman is always going to need the Joker, Superman is always going to need Lex Luthor, and Flash is always going to need Reverse Flash, and that’s who I play. I think we’re always aware that that guy, the antihero, the guy’s real nemesis is always going to be out there lurking, which allows me to leave the show without completely leaving the show, in a good way. It’s always a little more heartbreaking to leave a thing that you’ve spent a lot of time doing when you know that it’s game over and you’re not going to see anybody again. This is kind of the best of both worlds, and I’m grateful for that.


Relatedly, Cisco exits The Flash in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Good-Bye Vibrations.

Blumhouse’s Ghost Story

Bloody-Disgusting also has word Blumhouse is “developing the first season of a scripted ongoing series and a companion unscripted series” based on the BBC Radio 4 podcast, The Battersea Poltergeist. The original podcast documented “the strange events focused around Shirley Hitchings in 1956 that were investigated over a 12-year period, the longest documented poltergeist haunting in history.”


The 100 Prequel Series

Speaking with Comic Book, Mark Pedowitz revealed “there are still discussions going on” at the CW regarding a potential prequel series to The 100.

I bet you’re gonna be shocked by this: There are still discussions going on. It is not done in any way shape or form, but there’s discussions still happening.


The Powerpuff Girls

According to Mark Pedowitz, the CW’s Powerpuff Girls pilot is being retooled for being “a little too campy” and “not feeling as rooted in reality as it might have.”

Sometimes things miss, and this was just a miss. We believe in the cast completely, we believe in Diablo [Cody] and Heather [Regnier], the writers, and we believe in the auspices of [executive producer] Greg Berlanti and Warner [Bros.] Studios. In this case, the pilot didn’t work. But because we see enough elements in there, we’re going to give it another shot. We didn’t want to go forward with what we had. Tonally, it might have felt a little too campy. It didn’t feel as rooted in reality as it might have. But again, you learn things when you test things out. And in this case, we felt like, ‘Let’s take a step back and go back to the drawing board.’


[TV Line]

Legends of The Hidden Temple

Comic Book also has a poster and synopsis for The CW’s upcoming Legends of the Hidden Temple reboot.

This supersized, adult version of LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE is taken out of the studio into a “jungle” and scaled up with tougher challenges and much bigger prizes on the line. It preserves the original Nickelodeon series’ favorite elements including: “Olmec” (the giant talking Mayan head), the“Moat Crossings,” “The Steps of Knowledge,” the “Temple Run,” and of course, the iconic team names: “Purple Parrots,” “Blue Barracudas,” “Orange Iguanas,” “Red Jaguars,” “Silver Snakes” and “Green Monkeys.” Every episode is a hero’s journey through a mysterious jungle. Five teams begin the journey, but only one is “strong enough and smart enough” to enter the ominous Olmec’s Temple, avoid the “dreaded” Temple Guards, retrieve a lost treasure, and return it to its rightful owner. Based on the original game show created by David G. Stanley, Scott A. Stone and Stephen R. Brown, LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE is produced by Stone & Company Entertainment and Nickelodeon. The series is executive produced by Scott A. Stone and Marcus Fox (“Paradise Run”).

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Legends of Tomorrow

Comic Book has photos from “The Satanist’s Apprentice”— this week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow. More at the link.

Illustration for article titled The CW Explains Why It Turned Down the Live-Action Powerpuff Girls... for Now
Photo: The CW
Illustration for article titled The CW Explains Why It Turned Down the Live-Action Powerpuff Girls... for Now
Photo: The CW
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Photo: The CW

The Handmaid’s Tale

Offred attends group therapy in the trailer for next week’s episode of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Superman & Lois

Finally, Steel (Wolé Parks) believes Superman is destined to turn on humanity in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Holding the Wrench.”

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Pontifex (G/O Fuck yourself, Spanfe||er)

A few things from the PPG script:

Mojo (a human scientist) actually created Chemical X when he was the professor’s assistant, and is now bitter. He has a son named Jojo who has a creepy crush on Blossom. He’s accidentally killed by Blossom when he builds a giant robot as part of an anti PPG demonstration and tries to fight some monsters himself. This facilitates the group breaking up.

NARRATOR: He’d hoped to use the Chemical to gain powers himself. Powers he’d use for good, like Elon Musk, but also for his own personal gain, like Elon Musk.

Around 10 years later, Jojo (in his mid-20's) is running for re-election as Mayor of Townesville.

JOJO: I’ve delivered on everything I promised, except Free Gelato Fridays and that’s only because The Perfect Scoop turned out to be a front for meth trafficking.

JOJO: What about my pet monkey! That was meaningful in the last election.
GINA [his assistant]: Post-Harambe. No one cares anymore.

As a reminder, someone was paid to write this:

NARRATOR: But Mojo wasn’t their only enemy. They were about to face an evil far more formidable. A force that’s defeated innumerable gifted children... (beat). Puberty.

Buttercup seems to be a walking collection of lesbian tropes.

[TEEN] BUTTERCUP: I’m not wearing that dress anymore. It’s compulsory heterosexuality.

She also lives in a remote cabin in the Pacific Northwest where she raises chickens and sometimes works as a firefighter. After hooking up with a girl she meets at a bar, she basically suggest moving in.

After the gang breaks up:

NARRATOR: Bubbles went to Hollywood, hoping to capitalize on her childhood fame. After two stints in rehab and three failed reality show pilots, she had pivoted to direct sales.

Later, she’s followed everywhere by her agent, who is trying to film something to re-re-re-launch her career. Buttercup once woke her up by threatening to release her sex tape, and it’s implied that at one point she may have been in the adult film industry.

Buttercup on philosophy:

BUTTERCUP: Life, is one big hate boner.

Regarding Blossom’s trauma:

BUTTERCUP: Coming back here is probably “triggering” for her. BUBBLES: Why, ‘cause she’s the one who killed Mojo? I mean,

Regarding their dad:

BUBBLES: Yeah, now he just dates rando beaker bunnies and science hoes.

The line that made me want to stick my hand down a running dispose-all:

BLOSSOM: No. I have done too much work in therapy to “go there.” I’m a grown woman now. I have degrees, and a boyfriend and furniture from West Elm. I’m not a Powerpuff Girl.

Also, it should be mentioned that the monster of the week was a bunch of mind-controlling robotic caterpillars (named after various Republican politicians / Trump family members) who made people’s eyes turn slightly yellow, and that the solution the PPG came up with was either hitting people in the head so that it flew out of their ears or rounding up townfolks into large puddles and shocking them with downed power lines.

There’s also a bit where the script emphasizes just how much the giant Pegasus monster they’re fighting is off-screen.