The CW's Batwoman Pilot Is Actually Set Before Her Crossover Appearance

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Before Batwoman truly begins, we’ll actually head back to before we first met her.

Work on the latest addition to the soon-to-be-Arrow-less Arrowverse continues unabated, but speaking to Deadline, producer Greg Berlanti revealed something particularly interesting about the pilot episode of Batwoman: it’s not actually based on the setup we were introduced to Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane with in the recent Elseworlds crossover: it’s actually set before that:

[The] origin story that we set up predates the crossover; it’s a story prior to the crossover.


The place we meet Kate in during Elseworlds is an interesting one, hanging around in an abandoned Wayne Tower in the wake of Batman’s mysterious disappearance three years prior (no one seemed to put two and two together in Gotham, apparently). She’s operating as Batwoman in his stead and has been for a while, but it’ll be interesting to see what lights can be shone on her past as the hero if we’re going back to before all this.

According to previous reports, it will still be after Batman’s disappearance and Bruce himself won’t play a role. So presumably the full series, should it go ahead, will predominantly be set after the events we saw in Elseworlds, so perhaps its just the pilot that will be exploring some of Kate’s earlier days.

We’ll have to wait and see—Batwoman is set to begin her guardianship of Gotham City on TV sometime this year.

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