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Welcome to Reading List, a short round up of great science and technology reads from around the internets. This week we have a sexy foray into the first erotic computer game and the story of a scientist whose discovery of the rare element francium ultimately caused her death. Get to readin'.

  • Softporn, released in 1981, is the first erotic fantasy computer game. This title quickly became the gradfather of a legion of adult-themed online games and precursor to the unspoken truth that when new technology emerges, porn is often not far behind. [The Atlantic]
  • Marguerite Perey is the little known scientist, who worked under Marie Curie, and discovered francium, an element so unstable it almost doesn't exist. This is her story as told by one of her living decedents. [The New York Times]
  • In 2013 Sixteen-year-old Erik Finman bought $1,000 worth of Bitcoin and sold it for 100 times as much. With that cash, he's been funding his start-up dreams and his life in Palo Alto as he attends TEDxTeen conferences and speaks with internet megastars. New York's profile gives an interesting snapshot into the lives of tech's youngest entrepreneurs. [New York Magazine]
  • The American Interstate is an impressive feat of human engineering to be sure. It also creates a shit ton of noise, and it takes just as much impressive engineering to keep sleepy nearby neighbors...well....sleepy. This is the story of the efforts behind silencing thousands and thousand of miles of interstate ambience. [Medium]

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