The Downtown Breakfast Set Makes Mornings Modular

Ignore the fact that there's no room for bread or utensils, and for a moment, appreciate the efficiency of this compact lithium ion-powered coffee maker, milk frother and toaster—no bigger than a large cereal box.

You done? OK, now we can speculate that building the frother into the coffee maker might save space—and the coffee maker's heating element could double to toast the bread while saving energy.


And as long as we're on the topic, who wants to hold a breakfast tray that's 66% dedicated to beverages with—and this is the kicker—no juice involved?

You almost had me, studioMEM. My sledgehammer was this close to walloping my breakfast bar and murdering any hope for a satisfying start to my day...the ramifications of which I'm only starting to grasp, even weeks later. [studioMEM via YankoDesign]

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