The Effort That Went Into Kingsman 2's Continuous Briefcase Sequence Is Incredible

Image: Imageworks VFX
Image: Imageworks VFX

Director Matthew Vaughn is famously fond of action sequences that look like they were shot all in one take—filmed in a very specific way designed to convince you that they’re real, no matter how impossible that would be.


In the first Kingsman film, this happened in the church, and io9 named it the best movie moment of 2015. In Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the same kind of thing happens again, in a briefcase battle near the end of the film. This behind-the-scenes video shows you how it went down, and how labor-intensive it was to pull off. It’s pretty incredible (but if you haven’t seen the movie, it’s certainly a spoiler).

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is now out on Blu-ray.




I can see how writing a single non-shitty female character would’ve taken greater effort than this.

Seriously, these fights are awesome, and I had a ton of fun watching them. But I can’t really recommend this movie, because it doubles down on every juvenile fucking tendency of the first film, treating women as portable props to be saddled with menial tasks in place of doing anything consequential or interesting (and in this movie’s case, noticeably patting itself on the back for doing so).

Script polish is cheaper than vfx and stunt choreography. A lot cheaper.

Want to be a great movie that I won’t be embarrassed to recommend to anyone over the age of 17, do both.