Per Rolling Stone, a convicted drug and weapons smuggler named Edgar Ivan Galván also testified this week, saying that he worked with Sinaloa cartel member Antonio “Jaguar” Marrufo. Galván, who is serving a 24-year federal prison sentence in the U.S. on drug-trafficking conspiracy and weapons conspiracy charges, testified that Marrufo was a psychotic killer who took him to visit a house where the cartel murdered kidnapped enemies and ordered him to kill two men. (Galván claimed “Jaguar” called him to notify he had murdered the first himself, while he managed to avoid killing the latter, though Reuters noted he has previously admitted to lying to police.)

As Reuters wrote, mountains of other evidence has been introduced so far in the trial, including testimony from former Guzmán cronies “about multi-ton drug shipments, deadly wars between rival drug lords, and corruption by Mexican public officials.” However, the recordings presented Tuesday are some of the most damning evidence prosecutors have yet introduced. The Times wrote that the FBI infiltration of the communications system is “one of the most extensive wiretaps of a criminal defendant since the Mafia boss John Gotti was secretly recorded in the Ravenite Social Club.”


Amid the accounts of corruption, murder, and drug smuggling, Vice News’ Keegan Hamilton wrote on Twitter, there was a brief moment of levity when lights in the courtroom went out. When the electricity returned, someone shouted “He’s gone!”, referring to Guzmán’s habit of escaping from prison.

“Everybody laughed, except maybe the U.S. Marshals,” Hamilton wrote.

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