Many horrors exist within Tumblr's dark, recondite recesses. But every once in a while, you'll stumble upon a phenomenon that is beautiful for its sheer and utter and absurdity. Or in the case of one particular phenomenon, for Ron Weasely's tender, loving gaze as he looks into Justin Bieber's eyes.

Fake Rupert Grint and Justin Bieber via

This is the world of male celebrity Photoshop porn, and it is delightfully trapped in the tween obsessions of the early aughts sometime after High School Musical but before Bieber peed in that bucket. You know, the Golden Years.


Fake Aaron Carter, Zac Efron, and Jesse McCartney via

Two of the bigger artists, so to speak, Frack's Fakes and Siwo Fakes, seemed to have been commissioning custom homoerotic fans until 2013-ish, but their legacy lives on in the non-sequitur-loving lives of todays' Tumblr teens. Staples like One Direction and Bieber are most prolific, but there, of course, the rare odd request that make it all worth it.


The request that Pitbull make sweet, sweet love to Macklmeore, specifically. Do the skin tones always match? They do not. Are the celeb heads occasionally wildly out of proportion to their new naked, bodies? You bet. But they are perfect in their own, special, grotesque internet way.

Of course, all that said, this is still the best Bieber shop job in the world. And I will fight anyone claiming otherwise.

Top image via Frack's Fake