The First iPad Webcam Is a Sad Sight

Illustration for article titled The First iPad Webcam Is a Sad Sight

It was only a matter of time before someone ruined the iPad's simple elegance with an atrocious webcam.


By a company named Photofast, this iPad webcam is planned for launch later this year. With a 2MP still camera (not 200, despite what the picture may say), it promises 640x480 video streaming in messaging apps.

It doesn't appear that the camera can fasten to the iPad itself, but instead sits on a nearby desk or table, connecting via a wire and the iPad's dock connector.

Short of soldering a bulbous Logitech cam to the top of the iPad, it's pretty much the least graceful webcam peripheral we could imagine. Well, I guess that some sort of duct tape solution would be pretty horrendous, too. [Pocket-Lint via Slashgear]



Well gee whiz. Can't someone just stuff a tiny camera into something shaped like a fatter iPod docking cable plug?