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DefenseTech is covering a pretty unique new system for hunting down folks on hours and hours of video tape or—more correctly—digital video. The system takes a few shots of any person and then combs any video feed for that person's face, allowing hotels and other "high-security" areas to follow suspects throughout large buildings. Might be some "privacy issues" and some "possible abuse," but the price of liberty is some underpaid guy eternally watching us as he dozes at the security desk reading People Magazine.

The camera network - using software from 3VR Security Inc., a San Francisco company that makes surveillance technology - already knew what the houseman looked like; facial recognition algorithms had built a profile of him over time. With a couple of mouse clicks, managers combed through hours of videotape taken that night by the hotel's 16 cameras, and found every place he had been - including the back entrance he slipped out of, three hours into his shift. He became 1 of 10 employees dismissed from the hotel since 3VR's surveillance package was installed last June.


These Cameras Don't Forget a Face [DefenseTech]