The First Trailer for Star Wars Resistance's Second—and Final—Season Is Here

Kaz and the crew fight the First Order, for one last huzzah.
Gif: Lucasfilm

Good news, if you were hoping to get a look at the return of Kaz and friends post-The Force Awakens and Last Jedi adventures soon. Bad news: they’re Kaz and friends’ last.


Disney has just dropped a brand new trailer for Star Wars Resistance’s second season, set during and in the immediate aftermath of the events of the First Order’s invasion of the galaxy during The Last Jedi. And after Kaz and his allies uprooted the Colossus station to be a mobile safe haven during their flight from the First Order’s clutches—and losing one of their own to the side of the villains in the process.

But the trailer also comes with a surprising piece of news: Resistance is already coming to an end.

The second season will be the show’s last, making it the shortest-run of the recent Star Wars animated series. While the series never quite managed to reach the highs of Clone Wars and Rebels, its exploration of a time period that’s mostly been kept off of the table thanks to the Sequel Trilogy still coming out was appreciated, even if it often felt like Lucasfilm and Disney were letting Resistance fly under the radar at times.

Star Wars Resistance’s final end begins on the Disney Channel October 6.

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Two thoughts here:

This was either planned to be a short self contained story or that the ratings were the show were so bad that they are cancelling it after two seasons and Star Wars is doomed.

I can only imagine which thought various Youtube accounts will choose to decide the reasoning behind this is.