The Football League No One Cares About Will Hold Their Draft Over Twitter

The NFL draft is tonight! And hoping to piggyback off that NFL buzz, the UFL—yes, it's another professional football league—just announced that they"ll be holding their own draft over Twitter. I'm not kidding, the head coaches will all tweet their selections from their respective Twitter accounts.

I mean I play in a fantasy football league with my friends and we're not allowed to do this. My league is freaking fake! But we all still have to show up in person to make our picks. We can't just tweet @ufl i want that rb num 20 and call it a day. How is this organized? What if a coach accidentally tweets his pick before his turn. Or re-tweets another coach if he really wants that player. Or can't fit a pick in 140 characters. Will players who get drafted get an @ mention or a DM? This is ridiculous!


You may have never heard of the UFL but it's not supposed to be this sort of amateur hour. The goal of the UFL was to serve as a pseudo-developmental league for players who couldn't cut it in the NFL and give people in smaller market cities a professional football team. They only have five teams but they have legit former NFL head coaches (Marty Schottenheimer, Dennis Green, Jim Fassel) coaching those teams and former NFL stars playing (Daunte Culpepper) too. Here's to hoping there's an epic Twitter fail whale during this draft. [UFL Football via @darrenrovell]

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