The Gender-Swapped Queen Kong Is Basically The Most Ridiculous Movie

Ray Fay gets dressed up in a pink boa and shiny pants and fed to Queen Kong, who falls in love with him. Then the giant ape fights a T-rex for the man she loves, in this completely bonkers clip from the movie Queen Kong. The best bit is where he teaches Queen Kong how to kick a dinosaur in the nuts.


Oh, and nice Jimmy Carter joke, right?

In 1976's Queen Kong, an unscrupulous movie producer, played by a camptastic Rula Lenska, decides to sail to Africa and make a movie, on her boat the Liberated Lady. You know what kind of movie you're in for when there's a whole musical number about the good ship Liberated Lady and how much the ladies like to be liberated these days, early on in the film.

The only trouble is, she needs a leading man for her movie, so she and her all-female crew kidnap the allegedly hunky young Ray Fay, drugging him and putting him in a sack until they get to Africa, where they encounter a handful of very ill-advised racist caricatures. And then they meet the mostly white bikini-wearing ladies who worship Queen Kong, who immediately decide they want to hand over Ray Fay to the beast.

In the end, Queen Kong gets taken back to London, where the Queen comes to see her. And then she breaks free and rampages across London, smashing things up and grabbing quaint red phone boxes.

It all ends up with Ray Fay and Queen Kong on top of Big Ben, where Ray Fay delivers a speech that must be seen to be believed, explaining to the people of Britain that Queen Kong represents all downtrodden women everywhere, and that the cause of women's liberation demands that the giant ape be set free. Here's the most relevant part, although it goes on and on and on:

The 1970s were a really strange time.




I prefer The Mighty Josephine Young.