The Gizmodo Flickr Pool: Submit Your Photos

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Hey, we started a Gizmodo Flickr pool, to make it easier for you to send us photos you think could make for an interesting post.

All you have to do is be registered on Flickr, go here, join our group, and start hitting "send to group" on your individual photos you want to add to the pool.

What kind of photos would we like to see in our Flickr pool, you may ask?

Gadget/product shots. Obviously, a gadget blog is nothing without its gadgets. So send us photos of your brick cellphones, your modded desktops, and your atomic science kits. Old or new, as long as it's interesting.
Advertising. See any interesting Mac vs. PC ads? What about when LG had to modify their slogan, "Life's Good"?
Stuff you see on the street. If you see anything gadgety in your daily trappings of what you call life, please add them to the pool.
Images of the day. Anything you guys would like to submit for images of the day.
Random stuff, weird things, and interesting photos. Send us your random photos too. Got anything interesting? As much as we love you guys, and we'd love to see the picture of your neighbor's cute dog, it's not necessary. Now your neighbor's cute dog playing the Wii and kicking your butt at the same time? That's a different story.


There you go. [Gizmodo Flickr Pool]

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Will the Gizmodo F'ing (as in starting with the letter "F") web site connections never end?

I guess I need to learn how to use Flickr now. Oh well, another old guy learning new tricks.