The Good Steve Jobs Movie Will Only Have Three Scenes

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A news shocker for anyone excited about the other Steve Jobs movie—which should be good, because it's written by Oscar-winning dynamo Aaron Sorkin, doesn't star Ashton Kutcher, and isn't called iJobs. The movie will only have three scenes. Three.


According to The Daily Beast, Sorkin says his upcoming Jobs biopic—which doesn't have an actor attached to the role, yet—will consist entirely of three half-hour scenes that take place in real-time, each depicting the events leading up to a major product launch during Jobs' life. 9to5Mac says these will be the original Mac, NeXT, and iPod launches, which sound like brilliant choices to us. The movie will conclude with a single line, says Sorkin: "Here's to the crazy ones."

It's a daring, even strange way to make a movie, and is sure to alienate a lot of ADD-ravaged Americans who can't stomach watching only three scenes for the entire duration of a movie. It'll be like a play! But the story of Steve Jobs' life is just as much a story of things, and to tie a biopic around the launch of these things—the man was the consummate launcher, after all—is wonderfully clever. Let's not forget that Sorkin managed to make a movie about Facebook wholly fascinating. So let's give him the benefit of the doubt here. [The Daily Beast]



Three scenes + Sorkin = really, really long hallways.