The Gorgeous First Trailer for Ron Moore's For All Mankind Teases a Space Race That Doesn't End on the Moon

Higher, further, faster.
Higher, further, faster.
Image: Apple

We were already interested at the thought of Ronald D. Moore’s return to space as part of a new partnership with Apple. But now we have a first look at just what that partnership is delivering in a new trailer for For All Mankind, and it looks fantastic.


Revealed today at Apple’s WWDC 2019 keynote, the trailer sets up the intriguing alt-history premise for Moore’s series. Set in a world where Soviet Russia beat the United States to land the first man on the moon, For All Mankind imagines a world where the space race didn’t really end there— but instead sparked the U.S. to even the technological playing field by aiming further in propelling humanity to the stars. Mainly by putting Joel Kinnaman in space, so far.

While we only get brief glimpses of what that just means (at first, Mars, but will the show go beyond even that?), but it’s an interesting premise that gives Battlestar Galactica’s showrunner a very tempting excuse to dabble in some sci-fi goodness, giving a retro-tech take on spaceflight initiatives we’re still dreaming of accomplishing today in 2019. Time will tell just how far this alt-history will propel the show, but for now? Consider us very intrigued.

For All Mankind will stream exclusively on Apple’s upcoming TV service, the terribly named Apple TV+, which is set to launch this autumn.



But, but... Kinnaman live in space?