Anthony Mackie Is Altered Carbon's New Leading Man for the Newly Announced Season 2

Netflix’s Altered Carbon is a dystopian thriller that plays with the idea of identity by imagining a world where human immortality can only be achieved through the systematic swapping of consciousnesses into the bodies of other, less fortunate people. Though it seemed the show’s future was in question, the streaming…

Netflix's Altered Carbon Teaser Promises Young, Sexy Bodies for the Highest Bidder

A new teaser has popped up on Twitter showing an advertisement for Psychasec, the company behind the technology featured in Netflix’s new cyberpunk series Altered Carbon. While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, all signs point to it being our first major glimpse at Altered Carbon’s rich, sexy, and dystopian world…

This Could Be the First Look at Altered Carbon, Netflix's Very Expensive New Scifi Series

Netflix is diving into the cyperpunk age with Altered Carbon, a 10-episode series based on the bestselling novel by Richard K. Morgan. It’s said to be one of the most expensive Netflix shows ever—and if these first reported images are an indication of what’s in store, it’ll be money well spent.

Suicide Squad's Joel Kinnaman Will Star In Netflix's Altered Carbon Series

He’s already played a rebooted RoboCop and will next be seen as Rick Flag in Suicide Squad, but now Joel Kinnaman—a Swede whose big U.S. break was cop drama The Killing—is returning to the small screen. He’s set to star in Netflix’s series Altered Carbon, an adaptation of Richard Morgan’s gritty cyberpunk classic.