The GranitePhone Thinks Your Privacy Is Worth $850

How much do you value your darkest secrets? Enough to pay $850 for a $300 Android phone? Archos and Sikur, makers of a super-secure mid-range handset think so.


On the surface, the GranitePhone looks more or less like a run-of-the-mill Android device: a 5-inch 1080p screen, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, Snapdragon 615 processor certainly isn’t anything to write home about.

The key feature comes in the software: GraniteOS, an Android fork that claims to encrypt your calls, chat and contacts using the Sikur platform. Although details are still a little limited, the phone seems to use various software tricks to encrypt things at different authentication levels.

Even so, for $850 you’d think the phone would promise a few more tricks — or, at least, some better specs. After all, the equally crazy (and much more powerful) Turing phone will only run $600 at launch.

[Granite Phone]

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