The Great iPhone 4S National Network Speed Test

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You did it. You've got your brand new iPhone. Siri! The better camera! But how fast is it on your carrier's network? Push that download to the max.

Using our Official Gizmodo Download Speed Ultra Test 6500™, you can check how your mobile downloads stack up. Are you getting what's advertised? Was it worth the upgrade? Is your home speed better than your office speed? Is your speed better than your friend's speed? Get downloadin', and let us know how it performs compared to your previous handset. Faster is better.

But please, turn off Wi-Fi, and make sure you're entering your correct phone model and carrier.


Note: this test uses ~8 megabytes of data

If you see this message,
an error has occured.
Please be patient, we will be right back...

Please make sure Wi-Fi is disabled before starting the speedtest.

Submissions (as of Friday, 3:00AM EST)


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This test really sucks for all you Verizon and Sprint fanbois doesn't it? As is usually the case AT&T is fastest and I'm sure Gizmodo absolutely HATES these results and will come up with some lame excuse as to why!