The Greatest Avengers Moments from NYCC, Including Hints about Avengers 2's All-New Team

You've read all about the awesome Bruce Banner footage that was screened at New York Comic Con's Avengers panel. Now watch our favorite moments from the panel, and find out why Avengers 2 might have a brand new cast.


Above is a selection of our favorite segments from the panel (you can watch the whole thing below). We're very excited to start seeing the word "Ruffalize" pop up throughout the rest of Mark Ruffalo's career.

[Moderator] Chris Hardwick: I'm very excited to see you play Banner because, like a lot of you, I've read the Ultimates and I feel like this a different portrayal of Hulk than what we've seen before like, "Oh he's this brooding soul and the Hulk is ultimately a good soul." But in the Ultimates timeline the Hulk is like a raging erection in a weird sort of way. And Banner's a little more insecure and a little more skittish. How has the role been for you?

Mark Ruffalo: I like the "raging erection" thing. It was an amazing journey. I'm building this Bruce Banner off of some other really great Bruce Banners. Starting back with Bill Bixby, Eric Bana and Ed Norton. Ed and I joke that this is my generation's Hamlet, we're all going to get a chance at the part. This is goinna to be a more mature Banner who understands a little bit what he has, under the hood, so to speak.

[Paraphrasing] How did you balance your take and the character's long backstory/cannon?

I had to pay homage, but then I definitely had to Ruffalize it.

Tom Hiddleston: There was a day when all the Avengers were on the set together. It was kind of incredible, we were all sort of geeked out by it. Chris is blue and red and white, Hemsworth's there with the hammer and the cape, and Roberts in the suit, and Jeremy had his arrows, Scarlett's looking amazing in her kind of, suit. And Mark in the back in some kind of spotted grey pajammas... That, by the way, is how you Ruffalize a role.


Who was your favorite Avenger to fight against?

Tom Hiddleston: Maria Hill drives a hard bargain. What's fun is, each superhero has their particular superpower, so Loki has to adapt to each hero. The way that he fights Captain America might be a little more rough and tumble, I'll be interested to see what you think of the way Loki gets Ruffalized, and inevitably there's a lot more brotherly brawling with the God of Thunder, and Tony Stark has his day to. I really I can not pick a favorite.

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In other news IGN is reporting that the second Avengers movie will have a whole new team. Which only furthers our suspicions that this movie is a lead up to an adaptation of Civil War. Here's the quote from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige:

Absolutely [there will be a new line up]. That's the fun of it - introducing new characters. Seeing how will things change after Iron Man goes through his next adventure? After Thor goes through his next adventure? If we do another Cap adventure, how will things change? The dynamic between them? Their own worlds? So that the dynamic in Avengers 2 is actually quite different than it is in the first one.


And having two different teams could make it easier to lead up to an eventual Captain America/Iron Man showdown.

Here's the entire 40-minute panel from NYCC.




Which only furthers our suspicions that this movie is a lead up to an adaptation of Civil War.

You put this sentence next to a photo of Cap and Thor brawling.

Isn't it much more likely that instead of doing the setup for such a controversial, poorly received storyline as Civil War for their second outing, that this scene the photo is from is just one Avenger fighting one Skrull?

Even the "second movie lineup" question doesn't seem to have the same premise as its answer. The question seems to presuppose all new characters, and the answer suggests that it will still have the same main three characters, but with additional changes.