The Heatstick Boils Water Without Needing Any Pesky Fire

Heatgear, a Danish company, equips backpackers to boil water in a cool way that doesn't require lugging a heavy camping stove. The Heatstick is a small, cylindrical tool that you screw on the lid of a container in order to warm liquids to whatever temperature you choose.


At just about a pound, it won't weigh you down, and it doesn't rely a flame to produce heat, either. Instead, it uses gas and oxygen produced by a little insert. You don't have to worry about bad weather like a rainstorm dousing a campfire—it's not affected by the elements. So even if you're doing some winter camping, it will still work. Because it's light and small, you can also set it up while you're still on the go. You'll be just like Bear Grylls, except for the whole drinking-your-own-pee thing. [Heatgear via Gizmag]


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