Even with the addition of an actual laser scope that projects a green dot onto a target who’s not been properly educated about the benefits of mask wearing, aiming the mask gun is the most challenging part of using it. After some initial successes during testing, the accuracy of the blaster took a steep nose dive as the wonky aerodynamics of a face mask attached to four projectiles makes its trajectory almost unpredictable. Functionally, the Mask Gun works exactly like those cannons that launch nets to knock drones out of the sky, but the mask instead works like a sail or a parachute designed to catch the wind, and even with a laser scope, aiming is almost completely random.


But it’s not an idea without merit. Vending machines offering PPE have started to pop up in shopping malls and other places where crowds gather, but they’re optional. If malls were to instead employ armed gangs brandishing these face mask blasters, the number of people voluntarily wearing masks would undoubtedly dramatically rise.