The Hilarious Agony of Watching a Computer Illiterate

There's not much worse than sitting on the sidelines, watching someone stumble through basic computer interactions. And what was a hilarious Reddit comic explaining that bone-gnawing frustration has become an even funnier animation by Guy Collins.


"The Scrollwheel" pretty much perfectly captures the experience I have every time I'm home for the holidays. Although I'm afraid my poker face may not be quite as good. [Reddit: Video; Original Comic]

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Don't worry. There are people out there who think you are just as computer illiterate. I'm 23 and just started my first job as a software developer. I thought I was pretty cool with my custom watercooled and overclocked gaming machines, fixing all my family and friend's computer problems, using command line interfaces, etc. Then I get thrown in with people with 15 years programming experience and feel like a total dunce.