The History of Computing Video Shows Why We Are Doomed

Do you think that computing was a hard road until now? Watch Trillions, and you'll understand why we need to come fast with new technologies to make our data networks more like our bodies, and less like traditional systems.


Makes me want to go back to the age of mail and the Pony Express. Or fast-forward until they iron out all the bugs. Somebody think. Fast. [Likecool]



I forget the exact numbers for data growth, but it's something like every couple years we create as much data as we already have. That's an astronomical increase over time.

Given that sort of exponential growth, you can pick any given date in the foreseeable future and the infrastructure of that date will be obsolete very shortly afterwards. That is a problem and solving it requires ... I don't know what. A really big shift in how we operate. #trillions