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I just experienced the Hunter Concert Breeze—the ceiling fan with a speaker in it—and it's the one thing I would definitely buy out of all of CES.


Here are some extra details. It's going to be $449 in June, and will come with the speaker fan, a transmitter and the remote, which controls not just volume, but the brightness of the lights.

It's pretty damn good. Even though it only has one channel playing out of one speaker, shit, it's still a speaker IN YOUR CEILING FAN. You can sync it up to the other Soundolier speaker lamps (Hunter's fan is also using the same technology) for a more well-rounded speaker setup. But supposedly the sound gets blasted in a 360-degree spread so the entire room gets covered in that single channel of sound.

As a fan, it's got Hunter's fan experience, so although they didn't turn it up full blast, there was a decent amount of breeze. But, again, it's a fan with a speaker, so how could you not like it? This IS Gizmodo.

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