The hypnotic cinema of turning rice into sake

Making sake typically looks like a beautiful ancient art, but the way this video is cut and edited, it looks like a chase scene from a movie or an intense spazzmastic sequence from a music video. It’s addicting, hypnotic and completely cinematic. Just watch rice turn into delicious sake in this stunning black and white video and try not to grab a bottle and chug the whole thing down.


Sawaya Matsumoto, the makers of the sake, and Kurando Furuya of teamLab, show the spirit of sake in the video below, and write:

We hope to share the creativity, sensibility and the aesthetics of Kyoto with the world as we express tradition and innovativeness through our sake. To achieve this goal, we treasure the spirit of “SHUHARI”. Preserve tradition while applying new ideas for innovative sake brewing techniques to create a new value... This spirit becomes the foundation for our sake brewing.

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Soundtrack was absolutly horrible, couldn’t finish the video.