I got to the line at the NYC Soho Apple Store at about 6:40 this morning, 20 minutes before they opened the doors. I knew I'd be far back, but I figured it would move relatively quickly. I was wrong!

I ended up spending about 5 hours in that blasted line in 95 degree heat, nearly passing out if it weren't for the free SmartWater and gelato the Apple Store Employees were handing out.


There were actually two lines, side-by-side: a line for people with reservations, and a line for people without 'em. The reservations line moved significantly faster than the non-reservations line, but both moved slooooowly. In the "faster" line, we were on a 20 minutes of standing still, moving forward 10 feet, repeat, pace.

But really, my 6:40am-12pm experience was nothing compared to those poor bastards who thought it would be a good idea to show up without a reservation. The guy in the parallel line next to me when I went in had been there since 3am. Yes, he spent 9 hours in line. Woe be to the people who got there at the same time as me, who, by my arithmetic, will get their phones in October.

But really, nothing erases the bad memories of many sweaty hours on a NYC sidewalk like a fun new toy, right?

Video by Woody Jang