Illustration for article titled The Internets Most Useful Tool Will Tell You the Closest Places to Buy a Burrito

Let’s not mince, dice, or julienne words here: There’s never a bad time for a burrito.


It’s the holy grain of foodstuffs, a whole meal, perfectly cocooned inside a crispy tortilla. Less fraught with health false consciousness than the wrap, more portable than the sandwich, and less likely to take out an eyeball than the humble kebab, there’s nothing not to love about a burrito. It’s sushi for the masses. And thanks to My Burrito Finder (which is powered by Yelp and Google Maps) you’ll never need to aimlessly wander your neighborhood begging for another hit of sweet carnitas.

We already know what you want for lunch today. Make the right call.

Just don’t go to Chipotle.

[Internet Is Beautiful]


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