The iPod Nano Pill Speaker: Good for What Ails You

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There's a pill to cure almost everything these days, including elderly boredom if I understand those vague Viagra commercials correctly. And now even one for remedying a lame party, even if it literally looks like a tough pill to swallow.

Reading more closely on Gavio's website, it turns out their new pill-shaped 6th gen iPod Nano speaker dock is not supposed to be taken internally. Instead, it just sits there, giving the Nano the speakers it was born without. On either end of the dock is what looks to be a set of twistable controls, giving you a redundant way to adjust the volume and skip tracks since the Nano's touchscreen is still fully accessible.


While it's listed as being available for pre-order with an un-clickable link, there's no pricing or availability details for the Pill dock just yet, save for a $10 charge if you have it delivered locally in Singapore. [Gavio via Chip Chick]