The Kisai Rogue Touch Fob Watch Redefines Geek Chic

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It's been forever since I've worn a watch—There's no need with a phone in my pocket. But the swanky Kisai Rogue Touch is cool enough for me to start again—maybe buy a three-piece suit so I'll have a vest pocket to carry it in.

The Rogue Touch features a hybrid LCD/LED interface with rotating circles of blocks replacing the traditional hour and minute hands. It's always on, immediately informing you the time and date at a glance. It also includes an LED backlight for additional illumination, 13-inch chain, and protective crystal lens cover. It's available in four colors—red, green, blue, and natural. The Rogue Touch retails for $170, though TokyoFlash has them for $150 for the next two days. [Tokyo Flash via CNet]