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The Latest Star Wars Rebels Trailer Is Cut With Scenes From Rogue One

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

By now, it’s no secret there are lots of winks and nods to Star Wars Rebels in Rogue One. Nor is it a secret that when the animated show returns January 7, insurgent Saw Gerrera will return as well, once again played by Forest Whitaker.

But odds are plenty of people out there remain unaware of the link between that $400 million blockbuster now in theaters, and the amazing animated show on their TV screens. Enter this trailer, which cuts footage from upcoming Rebels episodes with footage from the movie (and trailer shots not in the movie). If there’s a better way to tell people to get on board for Rebels, we don’t know it.

The episode, called Ghosts of Geonosis, will be a two-parter and air January 7 on Disney XD. Geonosis, of course, is the planet we see in the final act of Attack of the Clones, which is where the Clone Wars started. And Saw got his start in The Clone Wars animated series (more on him here). Kismet!


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