The Magicians Has One Last Musical Episode Up Its Sleeve

Snap, snap, snap.
Snap, snap, snap.
Image: Syfy

Here’s a quick preview.

The Magicians is coming to an end in just a scant couple of weeks, but before it goes it’s got some music in its heart. That’s right, the show is doing one final musical episode. A tradition on the show, these musical episodes dial up the goofiness and turn The Magicians into the most fantastical version of Glee possible. In a quick teaser, Syfy shows the rehearsal effort that goes into making The Magicians so fabulous.

They dance, they sing, they exaggerate every emotional reaction. It’s perfect musical magic. I’m gonna miss this show.


The next and final musical episode of The Magicians airs this Wednesday at 10pm.

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I never expected it when I started watching it but I will miss this show so damn much when it’s gone.