The Man Who Made Toy Story Becomes One

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If anyone deserves a Lego version of himself, it's John Lasseter. Pixar's visionary creative head was in New York today to promote Toy Story 3 and its merchandise when he was honored with this bricktastic commemorative bust. Plus: new toys!


Also on-hand: Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich, Pixar staple voice actor John Ratzenberger, and a whole mess of new toys:

June 18th. Can. Not. Wait.

Toy Fair is the annual event where we get to completely regress back to childhood and check out all of the awesome toys coming out for the rest of the year. And well, we love toys.



I still won't forget the two times I've met Lasseter.

Once was at ComiCon, back in 1995, when they brought Toy Story stuff to show it off, and I was in awe. I spoke to him for a few minutes, telling him that it looked promising and that it looked like Computer Animation was going to take off. (Little did I know how prophetic that statement would be, looking at Pixar's hits since, and at all of the other movie studios that have done computer animation since)

The second time was at the Disney Stockholder's convention in Anaheim - I was walking back from the bathroom and literally bumped into him, apologizing, and then did a whole, "Hey, you're John Lasseter!".

Both times, he was very gracious, and he really is a great big kid - he just seems to be someone who looks at everything with the same eye that a 6 year old kid would, and yet looks at it as an adult too. :)

I'm jealous of anyone who was able to attend Toy Fair simply because of John Lasseter being there. :)