The Men in Black Tell Will Smith His Larger-Than-Your-Apartment Trailer Must Go

The balls on Will Smith, to park a 1,150sq/ft double-decker trailer right in New York's Soho for the filming of Men in Black III! It's even worse when you find out he rents an apartment a short walk away.

Thankfully, Mayor Bloomberg told Columbia Pictures they had to move the 53ft long trailer away, though it appears his second trailer (I'm not even joking—he uses it as his personal gym, apparently) is staying put.


Smith is paying $9,000 a week in rent for his main trailer, which has marble floors, a lounge (with a bar), bedroom, kitchen, a movie room with 100-inch screen, granite bathroom and even offices "for his assistants and writing staff." Writing staff?!

It should come as no surprise that a trailer of this size was named "The Heat" by Smith. [NY Post and AP via Gawker]

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