The Mind Behind Hannibal is Bringing Amazing Stories Back

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In the mid-Eighties, Steven Spielberg created and produced an anthology show called Amazing Stories. Each week, a new tale dealing with the supernatural or fantastic was told, totally unrelated to the previous week. Now, it’s coming back with the help of Bryan Fuller.

Entertainment Weekly broke the news of the return of Amazing Stories, which is being developed by at NBC. Fuller - who recently finished the series Hannibal but is also known for his work on Star Trek Voyager and Heroes, and for creating Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies - will executive produce and write the pilot. Spielberg won’t be involved this time around.


Amazing Stories only ran for two seasons but, in that time, the show won five Emmys and the imaginations of a generation of kids. It’s one of those simple, universal ideas that can easily exist on its own and not tarnish the original’s small, but powerful, legacy.

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