The Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Now Has Digital Audio

Illustration for article titled The Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Now Has Digital Audio

The USB audio version of the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter hasn't shipped yet, but Kanex just came out with an even more updated version of it with digital audio.


There isn't a whole lot to explain, other than the fact that the adapter is now basically set to deliver full audio quality to the video content played back on your Mac, and all through one HDMI cable. The previous version was held up because of manufacturing issues, so we'll have to see if this version suffers from the same difficulties. [Kanex]

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I don't get all the hate for displayport, and frankly I don't get all this concern over HDMI and why Apple should bother to add it to their laptops. I'd like to see them try eSATA first. Technically, for a computer, DP would be the superior option, since it has a great deal more flexibility than HDMI for use on a desktop. If I wanted a display with an embedded USB hub and/or integrated webcam, DP can support that signal through the same cable, whereas HDMI would require extra cables. DP is clearly positioned as more of a desktop peripheral port to replace DVI and VGA, not be the big thing for set top boxes, even though a properly implemented DP-enabled device could just as well do that too.