The Most Accurate Flyby of Mars to Date

This 4:50 flyby over the surface of Mars—created by 3D artist Doug Ellison—is the most accurate to date, and the closest thing to being there than any of us would ever be. Simply spectacular.


The flyby uses 3D data gathered from HiRISE, the 0.5-meter reflecting telescope on board NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The 3D data set was calculated by comparing HiRISE's ultra-crispy images taken from two different points of view. The photos were matched using picture recognition software and converted in a 3D surface map using the position of the orbiter. The result is the most accurate terrain information on the surface of Mars yet. The best thing: All this data is being published by NASA for everyone to use.

Now, could somebody please make a two hour version on full IMAX with David Bowie's music, please.

Come on, NASA! You are wasting precious time here. [Doug Ellison via Discovery via Roger Ebert]



Actually Diaz, the idea of commercializing some space exploration is more likely to get peons like you and I to Mars than going with the traditional route of government investment in NASA. Cutting the Constellation program, encouraging private investment in space flight, and looking at deep space exploration, both man and unmanned is a more efficient use of resources.

But hey, keep burying your head in the sand and listening to the few contacts you have who may have lost their jobs if you want.

You may think I'm trolling because I keep bringing up the same point over and over, but you keep bringing up the same fallacies over and over.