This is the Ferrari Arno XI Racing Hydroplane and is, without a doubt, the most beautiful speedboat ever made. Its 1953 Flash Gordon design still feels beautiful today. It's not only a design masterpieces. It's an incredible machine too.


This one of a kind ship—sold on a May 12, 2012 auction for about a million dollars—packs a "4,493.73 cc Ferrari Tipo 375 F1 V-12 engine with twin superchargers and twin four-choke carburetors" on its 6.2-meter Timossi di Azzano three-point racing hydroplane hull. It only weighs 1,763 pounds (800 kilograms) which, coupled with its power, allowed to set the "world speed record in its class on 15 October 1953, at 150MPH (241.708 km/h.)"

This is how it looks in action:

Here's its story, according to the auction house that sold it:

The 'three-point' hydroplane, devised in America during the late 1930s by Adolph and Arno Apel of New Jersey's Ventnor Boat Works, truly revolutionised speedboat design. Elegantly simple, the Apel design divided the 'step' portion of the hull into two pontoon-like surfaces, or sponsons, with each on opposite sides of the boat. The boat's propeller acted as the 'third point' in the equation. The tunnel between the sponsons trapped air to generate aerodynamic lift, with only the sponsons and propeller in direct contact with the water whilst the boat was at speed.


Is it just me or does it feel like the inspiration for these:


If you love it, you can buy a 1:8 replica for just $7,520.