The most exciting animated series we've seen in a long time

The New Kind is an anime-influenced series set in the post-human future, and this breathtaking trailer will leave your heart pounding and your brain wanting more. And you can get more, too — if you donate to the Kickstarter project that's funding the 250 artists who already started work on this series just for the sheer joy of doing something awesome.


Here's the synopsis:

Darvin and Yuka (17 and 18) fall in love but have never physically met — a psychic link connects them. They are The New Kind; The next link in Humanity's evolution. If they ever find each other, it will cause a chain reaction, instantly transforming all young people into god-like beings. But before that can happen, Darvin and Yuka must survive an evil force hunting them.

Created by Roninfilm, which is run by Peter Hyoguchi, The New Kind will hit the internets in August of this year with two full episodes. Of the 250 VFX artists who've already contributed to the project are people who have worked on Star Wars, Avatar, The Matrix, and Harry Potter. Roninfilm even got the use of a motion capture studio, for free, to film some scenes. The group is seeking $100,000 to complete the project.

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Hyoguchi told io9:

The money raised will be used to buy a render farm as well as buy a few new computers for our supervisors. We need to pay our artists as well. Right now hundreds of people have donated their time because they love The New Kind but moving forward we do need to pay people if we are to produce episodes consistently.

We believe the show will be economically sustainable if we offer a free episode online at the first of every month but offer the option to pay $1 to watch next month's episode early. There are millions of people watching game trailers and they have the same experience we offer - except we'll have more of an ongoing story. Those "game cinematics" get millions of views. If we get the same audience and one million people pay one dollar per episode, we could afford to continue to produce at a high quality and make a profit. So that's the plan.


I like the fact that this series has been influenced by game trailers, which are among the best works of creative VFX you'll see out there. And I also like the Akira-esque feeling of the trailer, especially because it comes across as an homage to 1980s anime mixed with a storyline that could only have come out of today's SF.

See more art, learn more about the production, and donate at The New Kind Kickstarter page.




Have you seen an episode of this or does the "most gorgeous" in the article title apply only to the trailer? I'm really not feeling the love here; I thought the trailer was really boring.

But I do love the idea of letting the fans fund this.