There's a reason kids these days have a tendency to text whenever possible—not being able to meticulously craft your every last word is the worst. But now, a new messaging app called Beam wants to take all that hard-earned neuroticism away from us. It shows people exactly what you type, as you type it. We're doomed.


Of course, with iMessaage and Gchat, we already know when someone's typing, but knowing without actually knowing is tolerable, nice even. Here, you and your texting companion will be privy to every horrible word tapped out in a fit of rage, every embarrassing misspelling, and every all-too-awkward drafted sext. Friends, some knowledge, we were not meant to have.

Thankfully, the app is only available for Android for now, but an iOS version will be coming. Because nothing is sacred anymore. [Beam via Buzzfeed]

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