The Motion Of A Train Drawn By A Train

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Station to Station is a project that brings "cultural interventions" to nine cities around the U.S.. Basically it's a tricked out train with lots of art installations and other pieces on board. And when the train stops in each city, there are additional local events planned. If you want to see what goes on on the train between stops, though, you have to look at designer Olafur Eliasson's work, "Connecting Cross Country With A Line."


The piece is a kinetic tilt table that moves with the train (the video below shows the trip from Pittsburgh to Chicago) and uses an ink ball to draw the motion into sketches on white paper. The ball rolls and bounces around depending on what the train is doing and leaves different mark and patterns behind. The goal is to produce 20 drawings throughout the trip, which ends September 28. After Station to Station, Eliasson will write poems inspired by the drawings and show them in Berlin. [designboom]



I use to do this as a kid while driving over bumpy roads holding a pen to a notepad.