The Nepal Earthquake Shifted Mount Everest by an Inch

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The recent Nepalese earthquake turned swathes of Kathmandu into rubble and killed 8,700. But it also had a large—if less perceptible—impact on one of Nepal’s largest assets: it shifted Mount Everest by three centimeters.


According to the state-run China Daily newspaper, local geologists have determined that the first earthquake to hit Nepal this spring shifted the mountain three centimeters to the southwest. Over the last few years, the mountain has in fact been moving northeast at four centimeters per year—so the quake resets the last nine months of shift.

The geologists note that the second, slight smaller, earthquake to hit Nepal had no impact on the mountain’s position. Its height is also said to be unaffected.

[China Daily via AFP via Verge]

Image by Sam Hawley under Creative Commons license.


Everything I read about the Everest reminds me of my perverse dream of flying to the top in a helicopter (even without ground effect this is possible), and then greeting exhausted climbers with cold beers.