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The New Bestest Android Phone Is Finally Coming to America: The Samsung Galaxy S II

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Samsung Galaxy S II is the blueprint for the next generation of Android phones. And now it's finally coming to the US, on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.


Only Sprint's announced the price and date so far, and they're first out of the gate: Sept. 16 for $200 (with 2-year contract). AT&T's saying Septemberish for an undetermined amount of bills, and T-Mobile touting availability "this fall."

There are, as with the last around of Galaxy phones that hit every carrier, some differences between the bunch. For instance! AT&T's Galaxy has a 4.3-inch screen, but Sprint and T-Mobile are pushing a monstrous 4.52-inch display that makes it officially giant-sized, like the Infuse 4G. Also, names. Sprint's is going by the Epic Touch 4G. I suspect AT&T and T-Mobile will come up with their own wacky names too.


It is the thinnest 4G smartphone on any of the three networks. Its processor is capable of recording 1080p at the highest bitrate of any smartphone on the market.

TouchWiz 3.0 has undergone some refinement. The chicklet tiles are gone (pressure from Apple, I wonder?). Easier to organize files into folders than before by grouping files into folders within the app drawer itself. The UI is definitely cleaner and looks slightly less toy-like.

Their SocialHub has gotten better. It aggregates your various social networks, but actually gives you a fair amount of control from within it. For example, on a Facebook post, you can like it, comment on it, share it, etc. right from within the SocialHub.


MediaHub will allow you to manage premium content from your phone, and you can connect via HDMI to any HDTV and get full DVD quality for movies. This was sticky before with DRM restrictions, but it looks like they've found a way around that. Watching HD content on a large TV looks very good. Samsung Kies Air allows you to control and edit the content (music, photos, video, etc) on your device from any computer, over the air, via a web browser.

Full specs below.

4.52 inches on Sprint and T-Mobile; 4.3 inches on AT&T
1.2GHz Samsung Exynos dual-core processor
16GB internal storage
8MP rear-facing camera with auto-focus, flash, and 1080p video
2MP front-facing camera
microSD storage to 32GB
3g/4G Mobile Hotspot capabilities
Visual Voicemail
Bluetooth 3.0
Thickness: 0.38 inches (Sprint); 0.35 inches (AT&T); T-Mobile N/A
Weight: 4.55 ounces (Sprint); AT&T and T-Mobile N/A


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