The New iOS Safari: Finally More Than 8 Tabs

Just like its OS X big brother, Safari for iOS just got a major overhaul for its new, flat home—an overhaul that suspiciously looks quite a bit like Chrome.


You now get a "smart" search field that brings up your favorites as soon as you tap it, and just like everything it else, it'll be coming to you with iCloud Keychain integration. It also carried the new Reading List, which you can scroll through in one big list.

Tabs will be stacked vertically now (like they are in Chrome), and thankfully, you'll finally be able to open more than 8 of them at a time. The far more intuitive Safari UI will let you swipe to move between tabs, and once you're in a specific one, a swipe to the side dismisses it to the depths of tab hell. You know, kind of like in Chrome. But at least it's an improvement.

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