The New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Kicks It Up to Warp Speed

We were able to make a pretty good guess as to the villain of Star Trek Into Darkness after the full-length trailer came out, and although this new teaser doesn't seem to reveal any big secrets of its own, it's damned awesome. This trailer's been showing up attached to Oz: The Great and Powerful and gives us a near whiplash-inducing, full-speed tour through the upcoming movies awesome set-pieces.


It looks like a blast, but it leaves us with one burning question: Seriously, how many times can they have people jumping off of/out of things in one movie? [YouTube]

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I'm stoked and all but I don't know if I'm just getting older, but why does it seem like every scifi action movie is turning into each other? Massive explosions, colossal destruction, flying people and basically any other example of a director trying to push how far unbelievable action can go. I really don't mind people telling me i'm wrong and I really want to be wrong so here's to hoping this is more substantive than just battleship, transformers 3, total recall...