The New Trailer for the Alien Occupation Thriller Captive State Just Might Blow You Away

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We hate to be presumptuous, but this new trailer blew us away, so there’s a chance it might do the same for you.

So far, trailers for Captive State have been good. No better, no worse, just good. The framing of the film, set in a world years after aliens have invaded and won, is excellent, but so far its trailers have focused on the film’s more personal aspects. This new trailer, though? Holy shit. It opens things up in a major, major way. Check it out.

Look at all those aliens! Those spaceships! That political intrigue! The father-and-son dynamics! All of those things and more (like that awesome cast: John Goodman! Vera Farmiga!) make this movie look pretty special. Then again, that’s the job of a trailer—to make anything look good—so there’s always an outside chance the movie won’t live up to all this promise.


But, we don’t think so. That footage and cast are too good, and director Rupert Wyatt is too talented to waste such an incredible premise. If the movie ended up being bad, it would be an awful disappointment.

Captive State opens March 29.

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