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The Next Android Will Reconcile Honeycomb and Gingerbread

Honeycomb's not even out of the oven yet, but Google honcho Erik Schmidt is already dropping hints about the Android version that comes after the tablet-friendly OS (Ice Cream? Icing? Does icing by itself constitute a dessert?).

Here's what we can expect: a platform that's optimized for both smartphones and tablets, instead of the current bifurcated system. Oh, and a six month product cycle—which doesn't help us much, since we still don't know when Honeycomb will launch. But once it does, mark your calendars. [Engadget]


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Shouldn't the next phone OS also be Honeycomb? I figured the OS would be just like how the phone versus tablet OS displays programs: same thing but changes how it's displayed based on the size of screen it's on. So basically Honeycomb for phone and Honeycomb for Tablet will be the same with all the same features, but it'll just be optimized for each screen. That would be much more sane that having entirely different Os names for each. I can barely keep track now! Of course, then Google has to decide how it'll handle those inbetweener sizes like 5" and 7"