To date Lego has released 15 different series of blind-bagged Minifigures for eager fans to grope before buying. But the collections featuring licensed characters like The Simpsons have easily been the most popular, so Lego’s newest series features characters from countless Disney properties.

The image above was posted by a Eurobricks forum user who claims to have got it from “a very good friend of mine.” There’s always a chance this very good friend also happens to be very, very good at Photoshop, but based on previous group shots and promotional materials of previous Lego Minifigures collections, this leaked image looks legit.


[Image removed at Lego’s request.]

Here’s a better version of the leaked photo that we cleaned up, color-corrected, and sharpened, revealing the 18 newish Minifigures, since several of them have been included in larger sets before. The character rundown includes Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Ariel and Ursula, Peter Pan and Captain Hook, Mr. Incredible and Syndrome, Aladdin and the Genie, Stitch, Alice and the Cheshire Cat, Maleficent, a better Buzz Lightyear, and a Pizza Planet Alien.

Because this is a leaked photo of the upcoming collection there are no details on when they’ll be popping up in stores just yet. But based on the range and distinct body types of the various characters, this series might be a lot easier to figure out who is hidden inside each blind bag.


Update: At the request of Lego’s PR representatives, the leaked images of the new Disney Minifigures series has been removed.

[Eurobricks Forum via Hoth Bricks]

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